How it Works?

Read this to find out how ProTrafficAd works.

First 10 members will get 20% OFF on The first purchase!

To Get Coupon Code just open support ticket or use online chat form!

Remain Coupon Codes: (6)

(7 days money back guarantee)

In the first 7 days after deposit or purchase, for any reason you do not want to work with us, we will refund you the amount without any questions from us.

If you have any questions Do not hesitate to contact us.

Here are details about the site:

1. Purchase Balance – Note that you can use this balance only for Purchasing on Banner Ads, Text Ads, Login Ads, TE Credits and Ad-pack Basic!

2. Cash Balance – you can use it for any purchases on the site And withdraw it directly to your payment processor.

3. About advertising – we approve only quality sites/pages which not break the site frame.

4. Revenue Share Packs – each package is separate.

Basic pack: Requires to surf 10 ads daily, with 100% Re-purchase rule, you will get profits in purchase balance only, this balance can’t be cashouted!!!

Pro pack: Requires to surf 10 ads daily, with 30% Re-Purchase rule, you will get daily 70% from the profits to Cash Balance and 30% to Purchase Balance.

We share 95% of all advertising purchases made on the site with the members who have Basic and Pro packs. Daily return depends on site purchases!

Premium pack: Not Required Surfing! 25% Re-purchase Rule, you will get weekly 75% from the profits to Cash Balance and 25% to Purchase Balance.

To purchase Premium pack you need first buy Vip membership!

Here in Premium pack we share the profits from our crypto trading, deals, sales on real products, and some riskly investings.

Also when collect more funds we have ideas to developing different projects like Android&IOS apps, games, softwers, and also buy and sell more real products.

We will hiring freelance developers to create applications/games for us, promote it and after some time when it gains some popularity we publish and sell it.

We currently working with a small amount of money and we need more funds to do this on a larger scale.

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    YOur Hiw its work, I have read, but I am unable to understand clear, so i request you to sendthis my email. this way I may makeout that for the next step,

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